Office Fitout Advice for Smaller Workplaces in Stevenage

If your workplace has limited space and it feels small and cramped, it may be time for an Office renovation to transform the area and optimise the space available. This can be done in many ways, and a more comfortable office will actually increase employee productivity and satisfaction as well as improve the company image. In Stevenage there are many small work spaces and MGS Construction has worked with many companies providing Commercial Fitouts that have improved their offices in so many ways. Commercial contractors such as MGS Construction can offer so much more to a renovation with the finest architects and designers working with clients to come up with the perfect new office space.

Office Refurbishment Ideas for Small Workplaces in Stevenage

·         Lighting – Try to allow in as much natural light in to the space as possible, as this is important not only for space but for employee morale. It is also possible to create the illusion of more space with lighting. Place lights at floor, table and eye level to reduce shadows and make the space look larger.

·         Light Colours – Darker colours will make any space feel cramped so stick to neutral, light colours to make the space feel brighter and bigger.

·         Clutter – Use the renovation as an opportunity to clear the office of clutter, and try not to let it come back. Remove what is not necessary and try to store everything else tidily, as clutter makes a space seem more cramped and busy. Create areas where smaller objects can be stored in a neat way and make sure everything is returned to its rightful place when not in use.

Furniture – Avoid big, bulky furniture that takes up unnecessary space. Try to invest inmulti-purpose furniture or sleek simple furniture that take up less room and can be moved around when not needed, making the space more flexible.