The Best Process of House Refurbishment in London

Renovating your home can be stressful, however if you plan ahead and organise everything clearly, the process will be smooth and even enjoyable! If you stick to the suggested timeline below or plan one of your own, your House Refurbishment should be easy and stress free. The key is to make sure to plan each step in the right order so that nothing will get damaged and things can be completed at the right time.

Timeline for House Refurbishment in London

1.      Design and planning – check your budget, permits and planning permission, contractors and which DIY projects you can complete yourself.

2.      Foundation, roof, structure – secure the foundation, make structural repairs and repair or replace the roof

3.      Demolition – demolish parts of the house that will be replaced or redesigned.

4.      Structure carpentry – construct new walls, enlarge windows, add beams and new doors.

5.      Electrics, plumbing, ductwork – add ductwork for central heating or air-conditioning and run new electric and plumbing systems.

6.      Insulation, drywalls – install insulation and then the drywall.

7.      Flooring – install flooring near the end of the refurbishment to save it from damage.

8.      Windows – add in new or refurbished windows.

9.      Furniture carpentry – install built-in furniture, baseboards and trim around the doors and windows.

10.  Surface finishes – paint interior walls, hang wallpaper and paint the trim.

11.  Gutters, siding – gutters and siding are put on at the end so they are not damaged during refurbishment.

12.  Secondary building - such as extensions, conservatories and swimming pools.

Finding the Right New Home Builders and Contractors in London

 There are many contractors and New Home Builders in and around the capital, and finding the right one can be difficult. Make sure to get estimates for the work needed from at least 3 different contractors, and check reviews or case studies from previous work they have completed. MGS Construction LLP is one of the most recommended contractors to work with both in and around the London area. Working alongside the finest architects and interior designers, MGS Construction will not only provide you with a comfortable, stylish home, they can also do within your budget.