5 Steps to Ensure a Successful Office Fit Out Project

The need to either build a new office space or refurbish an existing one is a task that all successful businesses will face. However, whilst it’s easy to decide that an office fit out project is required, it can be a lot harder to execute one successfully due to the number of factors involved. And when you consider the amount of downtime and disruption this can cause your organisation, you begin to understand just how crucial it is to plan it properly.

There are certain steps you can follow that will help to ensure that your office fit out project goes are smoothly as possible, including:

1.     Involve Your Employees: The most important element of any office is the employees that work in it every day. And their feedback on any potential change to the office is always valuable. After all, your employees’ well-being goes hand in hand with their motivation and productivity, so you want to avoid any changes to the office which could impact this. Therefore, to get your space planning correct, make sure you sit down with your employees and discuss the project to understand any concerns or comments they have on the project. 


2.     Minimise Downtime:The moment you start moving desks and computer equipment around you begin to disrupt the operations of an office. Whether you’re altering the layout or moving equipment to a different building, these processes severely restrict your employees’ ability to do their jobs. Planning how and when to carry out this work is essential. Where possible, complete as much work out of hours or at weekends when the office isn’t staffed. This allows greater continuity for your employees to complete their work.


3.     Plan for Growth:Business changes rapidly, so it’s vital that you plan for any future growth during your fit out project. Winning a new contract, for example, can lead to a requirement for new staff and you need to make sure there’s room to accommodate them. It makes sense, therefore, to always build office space with an eye on the future rather than purely basing your needs on your existing situation. It may feel costly for space that isn’t required immediately, but space planning will save you a major headache in the future when you need to expand.


4.     Work with Professionals: It’s unlikely that your organisation will have the skills to undergo fitting out a new premises, even a basic refurbishment can be complex. The best way of tackling these projects is to work with professionals who have the experience to advise you on the most appropriate solution for your needs and then to put this plan into action.


5.     Set a Budget: The foundation of all office fit out projects is a budget and, when cost planning is done correctly, you can guarantee a project which meets all your operational needs and financial needs. Establishing your proposed budget should be the very first step of any fit out project and needs to be planned carefully to reduce the risk of having to rethink it half way through when funds run out.

At MGS we’ve built up extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to office fit out projects, and together with our complete project management service, we pass this experience on to our clients in each new project. 

If you have any questions about how we can support with your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of the team. 

Office Refurbishment Trends to Look out for in 2019

It’s crucial that your office reflects the ethos of your business and, when it comes to visual aesthetics, you really want your office to stand out and be unique. A workspace that has received little care or attention over the years will not only put across a poor public image, but it can also have a significant impact on your employees’ motivation. By regularly refurbishing your office, you can enhance its visual appeal and maximise your workforce’s productivity. 

And, if you’re currently considering a makeover for your office, it’s vital that you know what the office refurbishment trends to look out for in 2019 are.

Hot Desking

Hot desking is the perfect solution for any office which experiences employees coming in and out on a regular basis. A communal and flexible method of working, hot desking allows employees to quickly pitch up to any workstation and get to work. For hot desking to work, however, you have to make sure that you invest in the correct equipment. Chairs, monitor arms and laptop stands, for example, all need to be fully adjustable in order to achieve the communal experience. And modular power supplies that enable staff to get their electrical devices up and running instantly are an essential that can’t be missed.

Superior Tech Options

We live in an age where technology is an integral part of both our work and home lives, so it’s important that this is a central consideration of any office refurbishment in 2019. WiFi, for example, helps to connect countless smart devices and, as a result, the presence of reliable and state of the art WiFi facilities should be a priority. Wireless charging points, too, are assets that few offices can afford to go without due to the flexibility they provide and their ability to reduce downtime for battery powered devices.

Enhanced Wellbeing

It’s becoming increasingly important to recognise the benefits of wellbeing for your employees and a refurbishment project is perfect to help facilitate this. Recharge rooms and relaxation spaces are installations which aim to improve the mental health of your employees and reduce the fatigue caused by the various stressors that accompany office life. While these quiet spaces are fantastic for improving morale and reducing absenteeism, they’re not the only way to enhance wellbeing. A well designed kitchen, for example, with modern appliances that emphasise healthy eating can also boost your employees’ wellbeing.

Energising with Colour

The power of colour should never be underestimated in an office and, in 2019, the trend is to embrace bold colours to bring your workspace to life. If you want your office to catch the eye and generate interest then you should be focussing on bold colours such as yellow, blue and green. And, by revitalising your office in this manner, you stand to benefit in two key areas. Firstly, your staff’s motivation levels will increase due to the investment in their surroundings and, secondly, the bold, engaging aesthetics will capture the imagination of any customers visiting your office.

If you’d like guidance on how to these trends could apply to your office in 2019, don’t hesitate to get in touch and our team will gladly talk you through some options. 

How to Choose the Right Commercial Refurbishment Contractor

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Refreshing a commercial building is a task that should never be taken lightly, so it’s crucial that you understand what makes a good commercial refurbishment service. After all, a successful refurbishment can revitalise morale, inject a new energy into your company and allow you to keep pace with contemporary trends. However, if you pick the wrong contractor for the job then the results will have a negative impact on your productivity and your commercial image.

Clearly, it’s paramount that you know what to look for in a commercial refurbishment contractor, so let’s look at this in a little more depth.


Are They the Best at What They Do?

Commercial refurbishment projects are complex and call for high levels of expertise to ensure they run smoothly with the minimum of problems. Therefore, it’s important that you investigate the reputability of your contractor by checking the following:

  • Are they accredited with any health and safety schemes? This is essential to ensure peace of mind that the contractor will adhere to the correct guidelines when working on your site.

  • Ask for references from previous clients so that you can gauge the level of quality in their work and how they conduct their professional relationships.

  •  Word of mouth should never be underestimated, so carry out some due diligence by asking other local businesses for their opinion on who the best commercial refurbishment contractor is in your area.

What is Their Availability?

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Establishing the availability of your contractor should be one of the earliest moves you make. Good contractors are, naturally, busy throughout the year and may not be available when you need your refurbishment. Therefore, you need to start planning well in advance of your proposed refurbishment date. 

Allowing yourself a six month head start should provide you and your contractor with plenty of time to lock in a date that suits both of you. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to settle for a contractor who doesn’t necessarily conform to the high standards you’re looking for.


The Importance of Cost

Budgets are becoming tighter than ever as organisations look to streamline their spending in order to remain competitive, but this doesn’t mean you should scrimp on costs. Instead, you need to treat the tender process with great respect and care in order to understand what you will be receiving for your money. 

Make sure that you receive multiple quotes from different contractors as this will allow you to compare the services on offer and evaluate the costs being proposed. It’s vital that you understand what the price constitutes and how this translates into the refurbishment e.g. certain services may not be necessary for your refurbishment project. 

And, perhaps most important, is clarifying that the quoted price is the final price as some contractors have a habit of adding in extra costs depending on how the project unfolds.

Making Your Choice 

The only person who can make the final decision on choosing a refurbishment contractor is you. And that’s why you need to be 100% certain that you’re picking the best contractor. Thankfully, by carrying out simple, yet effective evaluations in a conscientious manner, you should find that you end up working with that dream contractor who can deliver your refurbishment to a high standard.

We pride ourselves on offering reliable services at the highest quality. For more information on how MGS Construction can help with your next commercial project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

The MGS Team