Period Building Restoration & Refurbishment Works 

Period property rebuilt from the ground up by MGS Construction following significant fire damage.

Period property rebuilt from the ground up by MGS Construction following significant fire damage.

At MGS we have built up extensive experience of period building restoration, through working on a vast and varied range of restoration and refurbishment projects.  


How to ensure a successful period building restoration

Over time we have developed a unique understanding for what makes these types of projects successful:


Delicacy and respect - Working with period properties requires a great deal of respect for the design and structure of the original building. Restoration or refurbishment works need a delicate balance between the new and the old, especially to ensure compliance with any restrictive covenants.


Flexibility and creativity - Challenges posed during restoration works are best overcome by having the flexibility to adapt and find creative solutions that are in line with the often tight constraints. Our expert team is also able to lean on their experiences from other projects, enabling them to resolve challenges quickly. 


Highest quality workmanship - We understand that period building restoration requires the highest quality of workmanship and attention to detail, which is why we employ a dedicated, highly skilled workforce for all of our restoration works.


Specialist skills and knowledge - Staying true to the original features of the building often requires knowledge of specialist building techniques and access to authentic reclaimed materials. We have a network of professional consultants ranging from surveyors through to conservation specialists, ensuring we always have the correct dedicated team with the right knowledge to suit each unique project.


Your next period building refurbishment project

From our base in the London and Hertfordshire areas, we have completed period building refurbishment projects spanning the length and breadth of UK. Whether you’re looking for restorative works for listed buildings or complete reconstruction of burnt out period properties, our experienced team is on hand to help. 

For more information on how we can support your next period building refurbishment project, or examples of our previous work, don’t hesitate to get in touch.