Getting the Most from Your House Refurbishment in Hertford

When it is finally the time to invest in a renovation for your home, before you start anything it is important to use a House Refurbishment checklist. This is to make sure you have brought every part of your home in to account so you don’t forget anything, and that your time and money is improving your house efficiently.

What to Take in to Account for Your House Refurbishment in Hertford

 Before you hire your contractors or New Home Builders, make sure to think about every part of your property so you know exactly what needs upgrading and improving while you renovate your house.

·         Structure – The first priority before any aesthetic repair is that the structure of the building is sound. This may require an inspection by a professional to check you every part of the structure is strong.

·         Roof – The roof over your head is also very important, so get this inspected too. The roof itself, flashing, gutters, downspouts, ventilation and indoor insulation should all be in good order.

·         Paint – Inspect the paint in all rooms of your home as well as the exterior. Areas that need re-painting will be completed in the renovation.

·         Windows and Doors – Interior and exterior doors should be checked for damage, security, weather-proofing and energy efficiency. In the long term, it can save money and make your home a more comfortable place to upgrade windows and doors.

·         Floors and Trim – Consider if you need to change any of the flooring in your home such as pulling up carpets or varnishing wooden floors.

·         Layout and Extensions – If the layout of your home is not ideal, think about if you want to knock through rooms or add an extension.

·         Electrics – If you will be opening the walls for any other reason, this is a good time to check and upgrade your electrics, as well as your outlets.

·         Plumbing – Check all of your plumbing system and see if any part needs updating during the renovation.

·         Appliances and Heating and Cooling Systems – Take in to mind all of the appliances in your home for their energy efficiency and remaining lifetime, as well as your heating and cooling systems. Anything that is old will eventually stop working so it is best if you can upgrade them during the renovation.

·         Kitchen and Bathroom – If your kitchen or bathroom is outdated, now is the time to renew it. If your budget is low, consider upgrading just parts of them such as the tiles or cabinets.

·         Garden Landscape and Decking – The garden is also part of your home, so decide if you would like to add decking, furniture or additional lighting.