How to Avoid a Commercial Fitout Gone Wrong in Letchworth

Investing in an Office Fitout is a costly and time consuming project that should hopefully improve your working environment and even the image of your company. The last thing you want when beginning your Office Refurbishment is for problems to occur to delay or mess up the renovation. When using Commercial Contractors such as MGS Construction, there will be no hurdles along the way as they will work in a professional and expert manner. There are also steps that you can take to avoid these common mistakes and make sure that your project runs quickly and without problems so you can enjoy your new office space.

5 Common Mistakes to Steer Clear of In Your Letchworth Office Refurbishment

·         Landlords and permits – If you are leasing the property, make sure the landlord agrees to the work that will be completed and check that the contractors are allowed to work in the hours they have been assigned. Permits may also be required either through the landlord or the local council depending on the work.

·         Contractors – Hiring the right contractor is one of the most important decisions you can make for your Office Fitout. Some contractors specialise in certain types of renovation and make sure to choose a company that has completed similar work previously.

·         Budget – Many businesses will just get an initial estimate for the work needed from their contractors and then go from there. However it is always important to set aside your final budget and make sure that it is over the cost of the estimate from the Commercial Contractors. Costs can easily escalate so make sure the budget for the project is slightly more than the estimate to cover any extra costs that might come along.

·         Electric outlets – Although it seems rather obvious, it is an easy mistake to make. Always make sure you are installing more than enough power outlets for your office, at least two per work station.

DIY – A lot of the work may seem very easy and even if the project manager is confident that you can complete it, it is always best to get advice from a professional. By using workers who are skilled at their trade, the work done on the office will be of much higher quality and will result in a smooth fitout with optimal productivity.