How to Make Your Hertfordshire Residential Construction More Energy Efficient

Whilst we are all looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient both for the environment and to save on energy costs, if you are building a home from scratch then this is the best opportunity to make your new home energy efficient from the start. This will save on investments in the future, make the property more comfortable, energy bills lower and reduce your carbon footprint. Discuss with your Building Contractors in Hertfordshire if it is possible to make the property efficient in a variety of ways.

5 Ways to Make an Efficient Residential Construction in Hertfordshire

1.      Plot Orientation

 Take advantage of natural heat from the sun by placing the building at the right angle within the plot. Observe the suns movement on the building site as well as wind patterns and obstructions such as other buildings or trees.

2.      Building Design

 Construction Companies and architects can usually help with designing an efficient building and you can begin with creating a scale model to visualize and make changes. With design tips such as placing the living areas of the home on the south side to be warmed by the sun, there are many ways to design the building as efficiently as possible.

3.      Insulation

 Investing in the best insulation is a great decision that is worth the extra cost. Choose the highest quality you can find and make sure it is installed by a professional with experience to get the most from it.

4.      Tight Sealing

 Many homes lose heat through small air leaks in the structure. Discuss with your Hertfordshire Builders that you want all penetration areas sealed well such as electric sockets, drains, floors, ductwork, the roof, windows, doors and many other places.

5.      Windows and Doors

  More than a quarter of building heat loss is through windows and doors, so choose energy efficient triple paned windows and insulated doors to make the property fully efficient. They will be more expensive than other choices but will save masses of energy long term.

 For more information on building an energy efficient property, contact your local Hertfordshire Building Contractors, MGS Construction. With experience in building many successful, efficient homes, we can offer top quality advice and ideas, as well as a quality finish like no other.