Inspiration to Make Your London Office Refurbishment Successful

Renovating your office has the potential to be difficult and stressful, but with enough forethought and planning the whole Commercial Fitout should go smoothly and you can enjoy your new working space in just a short time.

5 Ideas for a Successful Office Fitout in London

1.      Define Your Goals – If you have decided it’s time for a renovation, you must have some clear goals of what you want. Is the renovation for more comfort and style? Are you refurbishing mainly for the clients or employees? Identifying your goals for the fitout will help you to come up with a clear plan and a budget.


2.      Long Term – Once you have your plan of what you want from the refurbishment, you must also think about your long term plan, such as how long you will stay in this location and how often you will need to renovate.


3.      Over Price – Like with all renovations, you should always over-price everything included in your plan just slightly so the budget is more than it needs to be, just in case there are some hurdles along the way which require more finance. The last thing you need is being delayed near the end of the work due to cash problems.


4.      Time it Right – Office Refurbishment affects a lot of people, so it needs to be timed right so it can be finished quickly without disrupting too much work. Make sure the Commercial Contractors will be able to finish on time, and choose a point in time that is not your busiest period for the work to be carried out.


5.      What is necessary – Sort out what the office needs away from what the office wants. Although it is tempting to splash out on all the latest gadgets, begin by finishing the renovation to your standards and if the budget still calls for it, then you can splurge on some fancy things.